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Discussion on: Reading The Fancy Manual: Documentation in Bash

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Donna Hogan Author

Thank you for the explanation robertorojasr!
I wonder if BSD has any equivalent --help cheatsheet (either built-in or 3rd party)?

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yea, same thing, in general having a --help is just a good practice for any CLI program, if you think about it, those are the "original" UI, since even before the internet, imagine a program without a --help, is useless, every parameter not mentioned in --help is like it doesn't exist, how would you know that -sh in ls do something?, no internet, no help menu, no web documentations, no github, where else do you document a program?, where do you explain what a program do and how?. In that sense OpenBSD got it right, a CLI program, any program in tha matter, shouldn't assume the existence of internet, should be self-contained, self-documented. From our "modern" POV man pages and --help is some "bonus" or even unnecessary thing but without internet they become essential. And even the only way for a programmer to communicate with the user.