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Hi my name's Daniel, I'm a 4th year BSD student. I originally chose IFS but switched very early to BSD in my first semester as I enjoyed programming in high school.

I decided to take this course based on the recommendations of many classmates who said they learned a great deal and at least 1 professor, being Catherine Leung - who said this course is so useful and vital it should be in the "required curriculum" for BSD. Open Source attracted me because its a phrase you heard so often in the software dev space from programs we used for assignments to large projects like cryptocurrencies that exploded in popularity since 2017. I also would like to learn more of how to use git beyond git add, commit, and git push.

I live in the Greater Toronto Area, and will be at least until graduation in case classes go in-person next summer.

I am hoping to accomplish a few goals such as publishing more to my GitHub page, and being able to add this experience to my LinkedIn.
I want to work on projects in languages I already know well like JavaScript, Typescript, and frameworks like Angular, environments like Nodejs.
At the same time I also want to get out of my comfort zone and learn a new or previously forgotten language.

The GitHub trending repo I chose was calendso an open-source Calendly alternative, a scheduling tool where you are in charge of your own data, workflow and appearance. I chose it because the repos main language is 97% Typescript which I am very familiar with, having worked on more than 3 large projects in Typescript.

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