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Discussion on: Why I switched from VsCode to WebStorm

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Daniel Castro Author

You have a point.

This is my point:

  • TODO Comments: I have to install a plugin.
  • Auto Import: Does not work when I copy/paste code.
  • Git Integration: I don't like the interface that it shows when I have conflicts.
  • Debugger: I tried it once and I did not like it
  • Refactor: Every time that I renamed a variable in my code it opened a bunch of tabs with all the files where I was using my variable, just annoying.

Of course, is is a matter of preference. Thanks for sharing your opinion, it is great.

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Reme Le Hane • Edited

Have to agree, I too switched and while back, to IDEA, but that’s the big brother, I could just as easily have gotten away with the free community edition, I choose to pay for it, the paid one has a few useful benefits, honestly have not needed them much, but rather have them for that time I do…

It’s true that VSCode has the potential to be great, the amount of effort is too great and even then the bulk of the UI just sucks. I used it for many years, not knowing there was something exponentially better out there.

I honestly even tried to switch back, more of a verification than an actual desire to switch back and the clumsiness just frustrated me in minutes. You can’t go back from the ultimate tool to a tinker toy, just does not work.

I get paid enough to use proper tools, no need to save pennies on toys.