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re: Nice article! BTW, I'm the author of DepHell :) The coolest thing about DepHell is you can use it along with poetry. DepHell can audit dependencies...

Great to hear from you! We actually have a smattering of projects using Pipenv that I’ll someday have to convert to poetry. I found DepHell when looking for a tool to convert between the two (since Poetry can’t do it natively yet).

Using it as a better poetry export tool sounds like a good idea too, I can more easily convince people to use the non-alpha version of Poetry.

Okay, I guess I’ll take a closer look at it and give it a go, especially now that you’re on DEV :).


especially now that you’re on DEV

I've registered here for you <3 I'm looking at all mentions of DepHell to get feedback and make it better.

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