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Discussion on: Is the Tailwind approach a big step forward for CSS or just-yet-another-thing?

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Alba Silvente 💃🏼

I have gone through all the phases, I started with my own styles with CSS, I went through LESS, I tried with Bootstrap 3 and 4, then I moved to SASS to be able to create the class libraries in the companies I worked with and I stayed there. A new design would come and I would layout and add my named classes in BEM.

And suddenly, PAM, utility-first and I said 'wow, this is not going to be better than my own styles' and I start reading and discover that what I added in the inspector as property-value to add to my SASS class, now it's a class I can add in my HTML and the magic is done.

Honestly, I understand that there are projects that don't fit with this technology for x reasons, but my productivity has increased a minimum of 75% since I use TaiwanindCSS, I just can't love them more 😍

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