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JavaScript: Concept of Promise

One thing you must know it's that an async function always re...

7 Tips For Clean Code

About tip number 1. I think if you code is clean enough, you ...

Best VsCode dark themes for 2021 πŸš€

I use Apprentice and it's lovely

Ionic Modal In Vue JS, Managing Events

It is possible to bind props with a new modal instance?

Everything about strict mode in JavaScript

I mean that you could be able to manage these rules with esli...

Everything about strict mode in JavaScript

It is useful today working with Eslint?

We want to feature your voice on DevDiscuss! This week's topic: Vim

For example to empty an array you can do c + i + ( with the c...

We want to feature your voice on DevDiscuss! This week's topic: Vim

I learned Vim when I was hired in my current job. I think it'...


Fine, but rarely a PR is approved at first time :D


I think you first need to sketch your app. As you say that yo...

What was your win this week?

At the beginning of the week I had three open PR with sever...

THE best git commands

Yeah, git rebase is awesome, but also dangerous

Level Up Your Ruby Skillz: Working With Hashes

Thanks, very usefull to perform basic skills. What the diff...

What is docker?

You can create a docke for every environment

What is docker?

By the official website Docker is an open platform for dev...

What is docker?

I use it in Mac with the terminal to use the cli

What is docker?

No it doesn't. NPM is a package manager, only to install so...

What is docker?

Yes, it's perfect to make isolated projects and configure a...

What is docker?

The virtualenv is a enviroment to install some dependencies...

What is docker?

Docker is a software that lets you to setup an app like a run...

Why do some developers listen to music while they code?

For me it's relaxing and It helps me to work!