Discussion on: Has Umbraco turned into the "tourist trap" of open source .net CMSs

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David Peck

My gripe is the control Umbraco A/S has over Umbraco CMS, in a way that Facebook doesn't control React and Google doesn't control Angular (sorry if I'm wrong).

I'd like to see Umbraco CMS as a separate entity like wordpressfoundation.org/. Hopefully Umbraco A/S would contribute man power, but ultimate the foundation would be democratic. That said, I know exactly where the Fork button in Github is. There is no reason that this is the responsibility of Umbraco A/S to setup.

As far as there commercial practices go. Some things aren't as I'd prefer but it's their company and they will live or die by their commercial decisions. I don't feel they've done anything to be ashamed of.

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Tim Geyssens Author

yup agreed, also mentoined the wp foundation a while back but didn't really get a response ... thanks for your input!