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David MM🐍 Author

Hm, the audience is tricky.

With Medium, like you, I had between 1-4, until (I don't know why) I was spotted by somebody on a Vue publication. The articles on the publication hit +1000 views easy, as they publish every week a curated list of articles.

But yeah, by myself my posts have like 6-7 views now. On you get more reads and, more important, feedback in comments.

The followers' thing, as I said, is not real. When I started here I was automatically following 50 people (because the tags I selected).

For example, on my first day, with less than 100 views, I had 152 followers by the end of the day, almost everyone registered the same day.

Today it is my 17th day here and I have 3165 followers, that roughly makes 1 follower by every 2 views...

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Vicente G. Reyes

You gain more followers with more posts. I checked your profile and see that you are a consistent writer. Congratulations on that!