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Discussion on: If you could travel back to when you started learning programming... what advice would you give yourself?

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David MM🐍

Not one advice, but a few ones.

  • Stick to one language (initially). When I started, I started with C++ and C# as a self-taught programmer. When I studied I had to learn JS and PHP. I found out what Unity was so I took C# again. Then Java. And I tried Angular, Ionic, Node.js, Python...

I could code in half those languages? No.

I dabbled here and there because I was scared when I saw job requirements for Junior developers, asking us to almost be Full-stack.

Instead, now I would tell me to learn one language very well. To solve almost anything with that language. Then start learning other languages/frameworks

  • Having a passion project. You learn a lot by tutorials following along!

But nothing beats having a passion project about something you care. Maybe you want to create a social network for dog owners in your country, maybe a martial arts website, or a mobile app doing something with Google Maps.

Have a passion project on your own.

And of course, to avoid "Tutorial Hell".

This was very short but I asked myself this and wrote a more detailed version with more examples, in 5 things I wish I knew when I started programming

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Fernando Doglio Author

Very detailed! Thanks for sharing, I can definitely relate to some of those!