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Discussion on: What do you call yourself to people outside of tech?

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David MM🐍 • Edited

Programmer. I find it funny how people without career (like myself) calls themselves "Software engineer".

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JoelBonetR • Edited

well, on Europe you are not an engineer for finishing a 4 year grade, you need the IT Engineering master for it, and you can be an IT engineer without the IT Engineering 4 year grade (you can pass another grade and then go for IT Engineering Master).

But this is another question for real, you can call yourself by what a paper from a college say, or for the job you realize.

For example I was on a company a pair of years ago where, after few months they set me as "implantation engineer". I'm usually hands on front-end dev but I knew something about DevOps, bash scripting and back-end (java, php) and DB too, so they fit me on this job, orchestrating deploys of a very big banking web app, setting daemons and scripts on the server, synchronizing jobs with another softwares, logging processes and fixing some blocking processes if some java line explode (or SQL server if any procedure did something wrong). And, of course, moving into banks main headquarters for smiling at the people that pay our company while trying that all processes work well at the same time and praying that any blocking issue appears.

At this point I was a Software Implantation Engineer like it or not, this was the job i was performing, and that was specified on my access card and on my contract after all.