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Discussion on: C# For Beginners - Lesson 9: Arrays

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David Kröll

Thanks for your reply!

Hmm, I can't fully agree with your above argument, since the underlying (concrete) type does not change when you store something inside a object array.

See the following example:

var arr = new object[] {"some string", 42};

Console.WriteLine($"Type: {arr[0].GetType()}, Value: {arr[0]}");
Console.WriteLine($"Type: {arr[1].GetType()}, Value: {arr[1]}");

// Output: 
// Type: System.String, Value: some string
// Type: System.Int32, Value: 42
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Other types for the array would also work, they just have to satisfy both int and string, for example IComparable.

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Kristina (Coding Mama) Author

Ah, in that case I stand corrected 😊 though I haven't really introduced the object type in this course, so the expected answer was false. I should probably reword that question to make it exact!

Thanks for the clarification!