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Smalltalk. It was one of the first languages I learned. Nothing beats its interaction capabilities. If you're working with a smalltalk image you can freeze it, ship it over the network, and have someone else pick up where you left off. Nothing else comes close. Most other object oriented languages are very poor imitations.


I keep hearing good things about it. I might try some next year, mainly out of interest and to see how proper oop works.
With just a bit of code you could do the same with Closure.


From just a bit googling before seemed also decent? To much other stuff this moment anyway.

I don't know Pharo, I'll check it out. I suggested Squeak because it's the only Smalltalk version I've played with


Pharo is very mature and it's community is quite active, you can even do some web development with it :D


Great answer! I tried getting into Pharo a while back but it was a little too foreign for me - I didn't like leaving my comfy dev environment for it. It's definitely the purest distillation of the concept imaginable.

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