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Only tool I have is logic. Everything else is superficial details and that includes the programming language, editor, process, and whatever else is the latest hype.

I think the best ways we have of solving problems are math and science (not downplaying the humanities but math and science are what I know best). Computers and programming in general continue to lag. I never feel like the programming language augments my ability to think and solve problems. More often than not the computer actually gets in the way because the solution I have in my head doesn't map cleanly to the programming language no matter how fluent I am in said language.


Some tools get in your way more than others though. I mean, if I had to choose between C and COBOL to write some game-related vector mathematics, I'd know which one to choose, and I don't think they'd both do the job equally as long as I have the right logic in my head.

I get in my own way often enough, I certainly don't need tools to help me with that ;)


// , Many are the asinine tools.

"Please only use the Approved hammers, made of plaster."

"Buh, but, they're made of plaster!"

"That's why they're approved, didn't you read the signs?"


// , The humanities generally benefit from the application of math and science, not only because it gives them a way to actually do something outside of the much maligned but necessary Ivory Tower, but also because the smorgasboard of ideas from the humanities benefits from a process of weeding out. Prepositional logic is an example of this.

And on that same note, what you're calling a programming language might be more akin to a notation than a language.

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