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Heroes arise from the natural competence differential between individuals

I wouldn't call this heroic. I recommend reading Chris Hadfield's book about astronauts and their training. I think astronauts are heroes but their training is all about teamwork because in the vacuum of space there are no heroes when shit hits the fan.

As a programmer I want to work on a team of astronauts instead of "heroes".


There's definitely selection bias when it comes to space travel. You are pretty safe in assuming your space team is the best of the best (at least until the cost of spaceflight goes down).

The same is not true of industry. Oftentimes, the people doing the hiring are utterly clueless and you get a patchwork of people with varying degrees of competence. You need talent to vet talent, and if you have none, it's totally random.

I too, would love to think of my co-workers as astronauts on a super competent team, racing across the galaxy. But in corporate America, this is often very far from being true. You're lucky if half your team isn't outsourced.

Teamwork is great when everyone on the team is an A player. It falls apart when incompetent people hold back the best.

Yes, but astronauts live and breathe their training. I don't think it takes anything special to be more rigorous about teamwork. Programmers can do the same thing.

I do agree that incentives in a corporate environment are not the same as at NASA.

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