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re: Another thought: although find implementations can be bloated with extra functionality, they always play nicely with pipes. That's the one rule tha...

Yes. I'd say the unix philosophy is really about composition.

Composition is important... but reading

I always google before using find. But it is a powerful tool. For simpler tasks, I just use ls -1 GLOB or ls -1 | grep PAT.

One task where find really helped was finding and removing broken symlinks in a directory with over 10 million files.

I start to wonder whether the whole 'do one thing' idea is good because it's easier to remember the 'one thing' program's simple and focused interface, and so compose it with other 'one thing' programs, than it is to remember the large and complicated interface of things like find.

Because I also have to look up how to use find every time I have to use it - but the piping of ls to grep is intuitive.

In other words, in order to get all the benefits of composition, don't you need the simplicity of 'do one thing'?

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