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I kinda wish there were more advanced topics. I'm not concerned about specific topics but just stuff that would potentially hurt my head a little bit.


That's definitely a common theme I'm seeing in the comments here and on a couple other posts. I think it's a super valid concern regarding the longevity of the community. I used to organize a meetup group that was very popular with beginners for a while, but eventually participants "aged out" of our content and we had a hard time sustaining long term membership.

Writing and organizing beginner content is a lot easier. What format are you interested in reading advanced content in? Long explainer posts? Shorter explanations geared toward discussion? Bullet pointed summaries of conference talks with counterpoints or expansions from the author of the post? These are just a few possible avenues off the top of my head, but I think it's a really interesting conversation going forward, and I'd love to hear other people's thoughts!


I personally prefer architectural deep dives of real world systems but that's just my bias. I get most of the theory out of my system with books because I think theory tends to be a bad subject for blog posts.

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