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These are all pretty good. My general strategy with anything non-constructive is to just ignore it. It's better to spend all that mental energy on people that actually care. If the conversation starts off somewhere non-constructive then rarely does it end up somewhere constructive.


Ah, good point. I didn't really suggest how to deal with meanies. As a one-time dev tools product manager, yeah, I've had to deal with that. If it's in person, you say, "thank you. That's good feedback." And file it away in ignore bucket in your head, while smiling. :) Don't engage or argue! (a.k.a., don't feed the trolls)

That said, sometimes there are gems of valid feedback even when hostilely communicated, so try to keep an open mind. Sometimes you can even turn angry folks around, if you find the underlying feedback insightful and are able to show that you care and (even better) can make it better.

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