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re: This is great. I definitely think taking a measured approach and understanding the real requirements of your project absolutely come above some buz...

Thanks. My theory is that the hype train is powered by the sales department. The incentives for sales folks are kinda rigged because they get paid based on sales numbers. No one wants to buy the old thing so they're incentivized to overhype the latest buzzword soup to get the sale and their bonus.

I'm still thinking about how to best unpack this FOMO mentality in an actual post. The seed of the idea I think is valid.


For my part, I feel like it's less a sales department thing and more of a lack of understanding the processes of growth. It's like if people looked at Arnold Schwarzenegger and said "I want to be like that!" and immediately tried to jump into his workout routine - that's a recipe for personal injury. If you're coming at it cold, you gotta build up to that level of workout, but until you're there, you follow a different routine.

I'd definitely say this topic merits further exploration.

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