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re: Think of the time it took the world to realize the Earth was not flat ;) We're in the middle of a revolution and it takes time to take the veil off...

Imagine the time it will take for us to realize the ancient Egyptians were really smart, built structures we can't understand, and probably didn't think the earth was flat... but I digress.

/End ancient civs were NOT dumb rant

Definitely, and there is lots of knowledge that is lost today because we think in terms of immediate profits for stakeholders.

Regarding the "earth was flat" thing, it is not meant to say that ancient civilizations were dumb, but that some systems of beliefs kept people from accessing a proper understanding of phenomenon, for the sole purpose of keeping them in the dark.

We live in a similar system of belief today (exemplified by the title of the post: "corporate vs start-up?" without offering alternatives, although that was probably not the intention of the OP), and it is keeping us from making the right decisions about technology and society.

The corporate model has brought the planet to its knees and the startup model has contributed to create the orwellian environment that was mentioned in a different post. We need to realize that and propose alternatives that do not socialize only the costs as is the case today.

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