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Stacks don't matter. Even CS education doesn't matter. Fundamentally the goal is to solve problems. I started in .net and moved to the linux side but I still think microsoft has the best developer ecosystem out there. Most of the stuff in open source doesn't really come close to what visual studio can do.


Well, I have to disagree about VS.

I used it with Unreal and C++ and it was fine, then became a Java developer and started using Jetbrains products and IDEs. I installed VS again a few months ago and I swear it has become unusable to me. I compared VS Community 2017 and Jetbrains Rider for C# .NET and Rider is a whole universe ahead in terms of ergonomy and tooling quality.


Love this, and you're totally write on all fronts. The MS environment is rock solid, especially now with the open-source community backing it. Not only do they now own GitHub, MS related open-source projects dwarf all others by a significant margin. With respect to CS grads, I find it so funny to hear you say this. In two out of three places I've work, there have been CS grads at various times. In the past I was insecure that I didn't have a CS background, my "official" training is in Neuroscience. But I was always so deeply disappointed how little CS grads could actually do, and how much hand holding they required. There is obviously a level of maturity to it. But I always found grads from a college (here in Canada it's a different thing, with a strong focus on hands-on learning) were significantly more prepared for the job.

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