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re: The infrastructure automation management software I'm familiar with approaches the problem from a different side, with Kubernetes rollouts exchangi...

Ya the state of the art kinda misses what I want out of a system for reasoning about the global state of the infrastructure. My feeling is they all sweep too much under the rug whereas making things explicit would make it easier for someone that knows what they are doing. I want a tool for power users but all I can find are YAML DSLs.

I know a few people working with Kubernetes and among that small set it is universally disliked. Most of them fight with the assumptions Kubernetes forces on you even when they're not really necessary.


I used Kubernetes on a smaller scale at my last job and didn't hate it, but it's definitely not the last word on orchestration. And the YAML takeover of everything just needs to stop. Leave indentation sensitivity to Python where it belongs.

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