AWS and GCP Networking Differences

david karapetyan on November 13, 2018

Now that I have some code in Pulumi to stand up networks and clusters in AWS I wanted to look into GCP to see how hard/easy it would be. There ar... [Read Full]
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Keep it comin'! GCP is on my list of things to get into. Your visuals help a lot as well. :)


The visuals are my hack for not forgetting Alloy syntax. In a pinch it acts like a pretty good diagram tool.


Have you ever written about how you use Alloy for things like this?

For visualization? I haven't. What would be interesting to write about in your opinion? I wrote a few posts about Alloy's syntax and how to use it for logic puzzles but it didn't go anywhere.

For visualization. There are a few text-to-model tools out there - PlantUML, Mermaid, ZenUML, for instance - but they're mostly aimed at OO, and if the authors are still working on them they're mainly looking at sequence diagrams.


Thank you for this. I'm going through the same discovery now.

My understanding is that GCP subnets must belong to a region, and they can span zones. I've had some concerns about using this feature as I want to keep subnets close and tight.


Oh. I didn't know they could span zones. I thought they had to be in a single zone.

Just looked at the docs again and you're right

Because subnets are regional resources, instances can have their network interfaces associated with any subnet in the same region that contains their zones.

Now I'm curious in what scenarios people would do this.

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