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Introducing The Playlists Made By Devs

daviddalbusco profile image David Dal Busco Originally published at daviddalbusco.Medium ・3 min read

Like everyone in the current situation, I miss being able to do a lot of different things such as hugging my mum, attending live events or being able to travel.

Recently, I also noticed I began to miss some immaterial things too, notably discovering new music to listen to totally unpredictably and not through an algorithm. Those bands and songs for which I fall in love for no other particular reason than the fact that they remind me a good memory.

The Upsetters? Discovered at the IQ Bar in ZΓΌrich, end of Summer when these were still open. We were having a drink with my friend Anatole. The background music was spreading a chill vibe in the all place. I ordered the vinyl as soon as I went back home.

Violent Soho? I am their biggest fan because an Australian guy, Jake, who I met in Bali, recommend them to me once I told him I just visited Brisbane.

Skuggan av Svampen? I met a Swede called Seamus in Ahangama, Sri Lanka. We were surf buddies for a week and, we chit chatted about music. It turned out he was also a MC.

That’s why, I created, a place where developers can share their favorite music by contributing to an open source repo.


To share your favorite playlists, bands or songs, those you like to hear when you are coding or, those you simply just like to hear any time, you can submit your tips through a Pull Request.

This process is really similar to the one of Tiny, thank you Stefan Judis for inspiration.

First, clone and fork the repository. Then, either create manually a new Markdown file or, if you have a recent version of Node.js installed, head over to your terminal and run the following command:

git clone[YOUR_USERNAME]/
npm ci
npm run add:playlist
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Continue by editing your contribution, commit the changes and open a pull request.

The playlist you are submitting should contain some meta information about yourself, it is important to me to give back credits on the website to the contributors, and your music tips. You can either provide Youtube or Spotify urls.

All details regarding these information and formatting are described in the

date: '2021-02-23'
name: 'David Dal Busco'
description: "Hello, I'm David, a freelance web developer πŸ€“"
profile: ''
twitter: 'daviddalbusco'
github: 'peterpeterparker'
website: ''
tags: 'postmetal,electro'

# Deafheaven

Their black metal in major cord is epic! Perfect to write a zillion lines of code. I have seen them three times live, hopefully one day at least a fourth time 🀞.

{% youtube sC3V6DU-o9k %}


# Post French Touch

A playlist with my favorite electronic tracks made in FranceπŸ‡«πŸ‡·.

{% spotify playlist 3D6BESfLFj08osOqclOhFl %}
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You are obviously most welcome to check out a weekly basis the website (πŸ˜‡) but, you can also follow one of these channels if you want to stay up-to-date with the new shared playlists:


There is always some uncertainty when starting a new side project whether someone will contribute or not. Fortunately here, some contributors already shared their playlists, submitted PR or reviewed the website. I am definitely fortunate to have such wonderful people in my network, thank you all for your help πŸ™.

Looking forward to discover new music through your contributions.

To infinity and beyond!


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andypotts profile image
Andy Potts

Awesome stuff David, thanks again for making this!

daviddalbusco profile image
David Dal Busco Author

Thank you for your contributions and help Andy!

I am literally listening to the Radiohead - Present tense song right now πŸ˜‰