I've developed an Ionic + React app to browse doggos

daviddalbusco profile image David Dal Busco ・2 min read

Photo by Delaney Dawson on Unsplash

I have developed an Ionic + React app to browse doggos for our next week's Ionic Zürich Meetup 🐶

Try it out 👉 https://wooof.ch

It is only my second experience with React, the very first was building my website with Gatsby, and I've to say, it was really a pleasant developer experience. React overall seems definitely like a nice language (even hooks 😉) and the all Ionic integration and components is really well documented and straightforward. Moreover, the outcome is really fast, the app get a 99 rating scrore on the "lighthouse performance test".

Now that I published the app, I realize that it actually provides me some materials and ideas for new blog posts. Notably the following features:

  • Fetch API data
  • Navigation with params
  • Infinite scroll and refresher
  • Picker (triggered with a controller)
  • Toast (triggered with a with state)
  • Including and using a Stencil Web Components
  • Using the Capacitor plugins share and storage
  • Configure the service worker to cache images

Does any of these subjects sounds interesting to you? If yes, let me know, I would be happy to develop it in a new practical article 😃

Cherry on the cake 🍒🎂

Of course this doggies application is open source. The code is available on GitHub. If you notice anything which should be improved, ping me 🙏

To infinity and beyond 🚀



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Stephen Adams

Nice app David. I've not looked at React, I'm happy with Angular/Ionic. An app that shows dog pics is always a good thing.
It would be interesting to see how you implemented theinfinate scroll and the way you loaded the API data as they are common to many Ionic apps and seeing how someone has implemented these features is a good think to read about.

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David Dal Busco Author

Thank you for the nice feedback!

It seems like a good idea to write about these subjects you mentioned. I noticed that there are some ways to start the loading of the data (notably hook or Ionic lifecycle), I'll be happy to share these. Also someone with more experience with React might correct me afterwards, therefore, definitely a good idea and a good learning 😃