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David Dal Busco
Creator of DeckDeckGo | Organizer of the Ionic Zürich Meetup
Updated on ・1 min read

This Sunday, I had the idea to put together a small blog to showcase on a weekly basis, a dev or hacker top three songs or bands.

Through these posts, reader will discover new music tips but, also indirectly new projects.

No marketing goal, no ads and I'll publish the blog as an open source (MIT) software, just for the sole of fun and, because I love to discover music not only through an algorithm.

But, before developing it, I need to know if the idea speaks to you too?

Are you interested to be featured and, to share you best music tips?

If yes, please fill the following form 👉

Ping me with any other ideas or comments!

P.S.: Not against a retweet neither. The more music tips I gather, the better it would be to start 😉.

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