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I kind of span the gamut when it comes to computing. The only OS not at use in my daily life is Windows.

Home Desktop:

AMD 8 core, at least 4 years old
16Gb RAM, DDR3 i think
RAID 0 @ 100Gb for OS and caches
RAID 0 + 1 @ 500Gb for long term storage
Some 4 year old GPU, dont game much anymore anyways
Dual Viewsonic 1080p 24" LED displays
Ubuntu 19.04 with Windows as a dual boot option but have not been there in months

Home Notebook:

mid-2015 MacBook Pro
- 16Gb MEM
-Retina display

Work Notebook:

Lenovo ThinkPad T series of some sort
Ubuntu 18.04


Startup Time; I press the power button, it needs to be on before my butt hits the seat. Program start up time need to be zero.

I/O: Must be able to push 1080p or better dual displays. Plenty of USB for input / output devices.

Responsiveness: When starting, switching, running multiple applications the system _can not_ be what I am waiting on. It waits for me, no compromise.

Terminal: MUST be POSIX compliant. Worse part of any job I have had was dealing with Windows Command Prompt or Powershell. Screw both of those abominations.
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