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Sorry for the wall of text, but there are some way glaring issues with the above comparison.

  • "...somewhere in between the frontend and the backend..." - PHP runs on the server side, thus it is a backend language. Ruby runs on the server side, thus is it ALSO a backend language. Both can use HTML/JS/CSS for front end rendering.

  • PHP is still VERY relevant in 2019. In fact, minor updates every 6 months with V8 planned for Q4 20200 ttps://

  • Symphony, Laravel, Yii, Cake, Zend; PHP has many active frameworks to choose from. As does Ruby.

  • RoR is inspired by software design patterns, oh look, so it every major framework ever.

  • "...The technology imposes numerous good practices including DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) that encourages developers to reuse blocks of code..." DRY, MVC, etc are patterns that nearly every language and framework follow. This does not make RoR special in any way.

  • "...Convention over Configuration..." Nope. Ruby does nothing to enforce this pattern. Rails, the framework, encourages this due to the design pattern that inspires it's architecture.

  • "...PHP is a script language ..." Partially true. Since 5.4 PHP has been, and continues to grow as, a full Object Oriented Programming language. Saying it is a scripting language is like say Javascript is ONLY a scripting language. BASH is a scripting language, zShell is a scripting language. PHP/Ruby are not.

  • Websites that "use" PHP: FB, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Wordpress, Tumblr, MailChimp, flicker, Esty (the creator of PHP actually works there now), Baidu, etc. However, do NOT make a language selection based on other success. Every single one of those listed also use other languages. Just like every single RoR application uses other languages as well.

  • "...Due to PHP legacy, most popular frameworks are making coding more complicated..." Uninformed falsehood. Modern frameworks actually make it easier to be productive. Just like RoR understanding design patterns is important.

  • "...Ruby on Rails is known for delivering shining and polished websites that enhance the user experience..." ... by using Bootstrap, jQuery, and numerous other FRONT end libraries and tools. Again, just like any other modern framework. The comparison is obviously biased and unbalanced.

  • "...PHP, as mentioned above, is usually used saute, with every developer building own stack of technologies..." Blatantly untrue.

  • As for performance, you are correct here. Comparing RoR w/ PHP is not a fair lets do PHP vs Ruby if you want to base business decision on raw benchmarks (a terrible idea btw): benchmarksgame-team.pages.debian.n...
    PHP wins. Given that PHP has nearly TRIPLED in speed between the 5.6 and 7.4 releases. Ruby has been on 2.x since 2013.

  • "...PHP being around since 1995..." Yep, PHP is an entire decade older than RoR, but once again look at the language, not the framework. Ruby's 1.x release was December 25, 1996. Only 1.5 years after PHP... yet it was not until RoR that Ruby gained any traction; why is that?

  • "...It means bot[h] freedom to create or to destroy..." With great power comes great responsibility. - Uncle Ben

  • "...PHP [i]n contrast comes with documentation designed in 1995..." Ok, that's true. :D The official docs ( design is dated. Personal feeling here, it is easier to read than the RoR docs. But that is a personal bias.

  • "...So if the problem is totally standard with no perspectives to be tweaked in any way, PHP can be a good choice..." That reads like PHP is not a good choice otherwise. I have to respectfully disagree. From ocean cruise liners navigation systems to high volume medical records systems. PHP has done, and done well, a wide range of roles

  • "...But if you look for something more sophisticated, the tech from previous millennium can be a risky choice..." What will you suggest next? Piping logs to /dev/null? If you / your boss / your customers have money, lives, safety at risk and the system MUST work, and work forever, sometimes last millenniums tech is a better bet.

While your article makes some valid points, it has massive flaws and gaps in knowledge. It reads more as an opinion piece comparing apples to oranges and you prefer apples. Don't get me wrong I welcome comparisons; but this is very nearly an opinion piece.

I say all that to say this: at the end of the day the language / framework you pick is not important. Having educated, eager, learning people who will continue to grow there skills is more important. When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail; but when you have a tool belt, jobs get done quicker and correctly. - DJE


Hi David! Thank you for your valuable comment. I've passed it on to the right person to make corrections to make the article more useful.

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