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One does not simply become a DevOps. I know tje marketing, job posts, and recruiters all throw around the term like it is the best thing since AI/ML to get 'top hot talent'. :puke:

'DevOps' is shift in business process and culture, a destruction of silo'd value streams, evolution in the application of agile business practices; coupled with the automation of repeated work.

To become a 'DevOps Engineer' one must be the following(1):

  • Understand Business motivators
  • The impact of technology in business
  • Have 'people skills', speak to groups, get buy in from decision makers.
  • Must be able to bring groups to together. Especially groups that have opposite motivations.
  • Understand SDLC as it applies to business values
  • Be familiar with automation tools (CT/CI/CD/CR) / system administration

Again, DevOps as a movement is more focused on business process change started by IT; not adding yet another team to an organization.

As @matthias pointed out; SRE is an implementation of DevOps practices. Excellent add Mattias.

(1) my opinion.

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