re: “DevOps engineer” is really just a title used to hire sysadmins? VIEW POST


I hate this practice. I applied for, and was hired as a 'SRE' (a 'DevOps' type role) at a company. I should have realized what had happened when my team lead said 'things you are saying are scaring people'. One of the principle mindsets is the willingness to fail, learn, apply guard-rails. They really wanted a network operations person. They had zero to no tolerance for anything less than perfect. The dept. lead went around acting like no-one on his team made mistakes and came down hard when anything was not perfect.

Sorry for the rant but I hate it when a concept is co-opted and bastardized into something is was never meant to be.



I understand. I think even organizations don't understand this concept clearly yet, that's the reason they say they are hiring DevOps peeps, but a lot of times, for them, DevOps means you are a Jenkins / code building engineer.

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