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Are you expat by choice or situation?
How has Ireland treated you?
Worried about Brexit?


Expat by choice! My fiancée is British and we dated long distance for a few years before deciding to move in together. It's very difficult for a U.S. citizen to get a British visa (and vice versa). It's much, much easier for an American to get into Ireland, and while the UK is still in the EU, Brits can just move to Ireland without any paperwork.

Ireland's been great so far! I enjoy my job and we live in the center of the city so it's easy to get almost anywhere on foot. We live between two thousand-year old cathedrals which is nuts for an American (coming from a country where "protected, historic" buildings are <200 years old). Beer is great, but expensive. Sugary cereal selection is sorely lacking.

I'm not personally worried about Brexit, though I get the feeling that some of my coworkers might be mildly concerned. It won't affect our industry too much but it could of course indirectly affect us if the cost of food, etc. increases. Any significant damage to the UK economy will affect Ireland more than any other country (besides the UK itself), so we're waiting to see how everything works out (and also laughing at the UK for putting itself in this situation in the first place, and then beautifully fumbling it to boot).


That's great to hear. About a year back I had an opportunity to move to the EU for a job but it fell through at the last minute. Now I got the bug and still want to go.

Happy to hear it is working out for you so far. Hope it continues to be amazing.

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