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"...Config Management is part of the provisioning. “Provisioning” often implies it's the first time you do it. Config management usually happens repeatedly...."

Interesting division you have between Config Mngt and Provisioning. Myself Provisioning means 'starting the hardware'. Whereas Config Mngt does, as the name implients, configures the hardware or in the case of a compute resource, configures the software on the hardware. Config Mngt therefor is involved with both 'new' and 'existing' hardware.

"...Configuration orchestration tools like Terraform, CloudFormation..."

In your mind how does Config Orch. differ from Provisioning tools?

"...the goal of DevOps is to perform software delivery more efficiently,..."

Kyle nailed what DevOps should be in his recent article:

Keep up the writing Pavan, I look forward to the next article from you.

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