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Great list Boris! While I knew many of these it is good to see some I was not aware of. Would you have time to checkout a little library I put together?

davidjeddy / normie

Wrapper library that provides normalized function interfaces for the PHP standard library.



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Normie (short for Normalizer) attempts to make using the PHP Standard Library (SPL) function calls more consistent by implementing a norm_{function name}() wrapper function declarations. This library DOES NOT over ride the SPL functions in any way.


Function parameter order examples.

Arrays fn()

Normie array functions follow the 'array source X, operator Y (callback,key, needle, etc), other parameters are Z' mentality. The complete list of array functions are viewable here.

SPL: array array_map ( callable $callback, array $arr1, array $_ = null) { }

Normie: array norm_array_map( array $array, callable $callback, array $userdata = null): array

Strings fn()

Normie string functions follow the 'Search X string or Y target, replace with Z string' mentality. The complete list of string functions are viewable here.

SPL: array explode ( string $delimiter , string $string [, int $limit = PHP_INT_MAX ] )


Hi David,

I don't use the SPL that much and honestly, its lack of consistency doesn't bother me.
I hope PHP8 will move this in the right way.

Anyway, you made a great job for the community by providing this library.

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