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I wouldn’t worry about being an “expert” on a topic. You have your experience to convey which is unique and you are the only expert on that.
Starting out with Meetup seems like the best approach to start to me. You can message the organizers and let them know what talk you have that you’d like to present.
Some advice I was given that I like is to not create a talk or presentation until you know someone wants you to deliver it. Think of some topics you’d like to talk about and create 2-3 sentence descriptions of them. You can send that to meetup organizers and see if they are interested. There’s no use in doing all the work on slides if no one wants to see it yet. Then you can commit to a date that is far enough out for you to create the necessary materials for the presentation.
On Twitter there is @cfp_land and @confstech for finding out about speaking opportunities.


Thanks for the heads-up on those Twitter accounts! Following them now :)


Happy to help. Good luck getting out there and giving talks!

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