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re: I'm a big fan of what folks have dubbed the GoLD stack: Go, the language Lambda, your compute power DynamoDB, a database that scales really well ...

What's your experience with Dynamo DB? As far as I've heard it it's great for record based transactions, but tricky for aggregate analytics work. (Disclaimer: I've barely even read the docs :p)


Dynamo DB is great nowadays....a year ago was the worst thing I could have used ....I've never written so much code for such a small project (extremely high traffic) to handle just throttling strategies. Then one day we turned on "on demand" and never cared for that service ever again


I have never used it personally for analytics, but I have heard using it in tandem with Amazon Athena is great for that kind of stuff!

I like DynamoDB a lot, though I have heard it's not great if you have a data set which is growing rapidly.

I have used Athena with an S3 data store. That worked well for that particular job :)

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