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Discussion on: React without create react app. Start building your react project like a professional

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David Velasco • Edited on

Please, elaborate.

I thought these CLI toolchains (Angular, React, Vue, all have them) not only eased app bootstrapping, but also ensured optimization and best practices.

Don't get me wrong, I understand there are genuine configuration-related reasons to build from scratch. I also believe we all should know how to build our apps without CLI aid, as it serves not only to understand the whole process, but to debug potential issues too.

However, I am truly curious about why you think CRA should not be used for production. Would you say this also applies to Vue and Angular?

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Suraj Auwal

You can use CRA for real-world apps, but for me and most people i work with, tend to stay away from CRA in production. The reason is its lack of flexibility. You can make it flexible by ejecting and adding your stuff, but why?

I still use CRA and most of my toy projects are built using CRA.

In my perspective, CRA is very useful for quick prototyping, but for production, i'd build it from scratch.

My comment is misleading and i apologize for that.