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Web Design Trends That We Must Follow in 2021

dauxesis profile image Deepak Auxesis ・2 min read

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Because a website provides more value to a business than any other platforms like social media, it becomes necessary for it to follow the web design trends to ensure its importance and relevancy in the approaching years. Though you can ensure that your website is well updated by consulting website design and development services before that let’s dive deeper to know what are those web design trends that you can’t miss to master in 2021.

Comfortable Dark Mode and Low Light UX

Nowadays people spend a good amount of time on computers because of the increasingly digital nature of jobs and this generates the need for a website that is very easy to look at as it directly impacts the user experience. A website with harsh colours can give your users a bad user-experience that will make them leave the page and move on to others. Whereas if your website is strategically well designed(UI/UX) with correct colour schemes, your users will tend to stay longer. Dark mode and low light design trends do just that for you as it makes the experience of your users with your website very pleasant and easy that draws them back to you and increases the possibilities of conversions. Considering its popularity in approaching years, you can imagine its demand in 2021.

Minimalistic and Modern Design

Apart from this, for a website to be successful in 2021, the design of it has to have a very minimal and modern approach to it. You must have heard that ‘less is more’ and this idea pretty much goes with everything. Because if you give priority to essential design elements, you will be able to provide a clear message to your customers. It not only provides a polished message to your customers but it also makes the user experience more sophisticated. Besides, visitors will easily get their desired information if there’ll be no flashy and on-the-face features to distract them.

Custom Incorporating Videos

It is not an unknown notion that what you see stays longer in your memory than what you read.. Because of this reason you should have custom videos on your website as moving pictures have a stronger effect on readers’ mind than the words they read. You can also make your website ahead of time by utilizing the rotating animation trend in its design. They leave the users curious for more because, with every refresh, the user gets to see a fresh and innovative video and this increases the engagement which of course leads to more conversions.

Taking all these factors into consideration, we believe that you will be able to build an up-to-date website that can complement the needs of approaching years but to make the most of it you will need an extra hand. Auxesis Infotech can serve the purpose for you as it has years of experience in providing quality website design and development services and a highly skilled team of developers and designers.


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darkwiiplayer profile image

Whenever I read a title like this, my first thought is "Some article on the internet won't tell me what I must and must not do". It's not even a matter of whether it makes sense or not, or how the phrase is actually meant. It's also incorrect. There aren't things we must do, and plenty of companies out there are doing weel with horrendous (by current year standards) websites.

Maybe just use a softer word like should next time, possibly a should totally if you want to express how convinced you are.

Also tone down the buzzwords a bit. There's nothing "innovative" about a video, and "fresh" is already a bit of a stretch considering most people will appreciate the moving colours but not pay much attention to what is actually happening.

Overall good tips though! 👍