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Discussion on: How did I make my blog with Hugo and Github Pages?

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Gabriel Lazcano Author

Yeah, you need to have your repo public for a Github Page to work. As I am using the Github Actions for this I am not sure if you can set your code to be private and build to another public repository. The only repository that has to be public is the one that has the index.html that would be the built page. And yes, I believe it doesn't matter because it is static. Either way they are getting all the content from the page. There is a variety of themes to choose and some are real good. If you want to stand I think you will have to move some things but it's a good place to start. It has a predefined way of building the RSS but you can customize it too.
Thanks for the feedback, I was looking forward to implement a commenting section but not using Disqus because it's too taxing. I want it to host my own with Commento. I might do a blog about it. But currently I don't get any revenue nor have a job to cover the expenses.

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