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You might like to add an advice with respect to PoLP and the USER command here.


THIS. Always add a user and don't run your app as root!


do you have a better explanation about running with a different user? i've being having a bad time trying to run a service with php-fpm + nginx

A short tutorial on this:

Add a user:

RUN addgroup -g 1000 www \
    && adduser -D -u 1000 -G www www

In FPM case you have to run the master process of FPM as root, but you can run the actual pool as a specific user (PHP will have the permissions of that user then) by adding these lines:

user = www
group = www

On nginx you have the same problem, the main process will run as root, but the actual server can be run as a different user by adding following lines to the nginx.conf:

user www www;

BTW, one cool feature: The first user on linux gets the ID and GID 1000 (at least on my ubuntu machine). That's why I specifiy the ID and GID 1000 on the addgroup and adduser commands in the Dockerfile. This way you won't have any permission problems when mounting a folder on your machine into the docker machine. Both docker and the host have the same permissions on the volume :)


I guess there is a way to run nginx and fpm directly as user; My guess is that you have to set specific permissions to the binaries so they have permission to allocate a port on the machine.

thanks for the answer :D, it worked great for me on my deepin machine, but on a case that the user is gonna run in a windows machine or macOS machine ? is there a way to make this work cross OS ?

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