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Programming in anime

When programming is depicted in most shows, particularly in animation, it's typically showing someone typing furiously on the keyboard. The screen would either show the final output or gibberish. If any reference to an actual language or stack is brought up, like in the New Game! anime, it's all typically in the background.

After binging through my backlog for the current season, I ran into this:

YouTube video: Programming Language In Anime !

YouTube video: Programming Language In Anime (

The show is called Dagashi Kashi, based on a manga about cheap Japanese snacks. These clips are from the second season, episode 9. This is probably the first time I've seen programming in animation, with some attempt at mentioning actual stacks and showing plausible code, even if just for a second.

YouTube video: They Decide To Make Dagashi Website !

YouTube video: They Decide To Make Dagashi Website! (

The clip above probably brings you back memories of when you first played around with code and you visibly saw it do stuff on screen. Ahhh, how easily we can get carried away...!

And sometimes, it still happens. :P

Have you ever encountered real-life programming languages or tech stacks in animation?

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Bruno Oliveira

First: NICE ARTICLE! haha

The first episode of Golden Boy is about programming. The name of the episode is "Computer Studies". But is very old anime, the advanced language on that episode is BASIC haha. It's a funny anime tho. There's an episode that Kintaro (the main character) wins a race with bicycle versus a woman with a motorcycle haha

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rail zamaletdinov

Check out the anime: Battle Programmer Shirase.
Original run: October 2003 – January 2004

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Rodion Borisov

omg, lol, I didn't expect "Dagashi Kashi" to revolve around snacks and stuff, but it's fun to watch, thanks xD

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Sara Cunningham