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re: I've used Clojure, Elm, PureScript, and OCaml from this list, and have Smalltalk on my "to-try" list. The issues with using each choice are largel...

Great insight, looks like you’ve experimented a lot. The ecosystem is a big plus for JS right now.

I guess it always comes down to:

I'd say for side projects these make a lot of sense, but it'd be a hard sell for a CTO.

I actually forgot to mention one of the more robust solutions - I think Fable for F# as part of the SAFE stack may be a viable contender, along with ClojureScript, for an enterprise-grade solution. Those two stand out to me as the most generally useful options, here's hoping that maturity continues to increase.

I’ve played around with F# but I haven’t properly tried the SAFE stack. That might be a good weekend project to try.

I haven't spent a ton of time with it either, but the demo "dojo" project they have set up is really well done and shows you all the moving parts. I'm impressed with the polish of pretty much all the F# resources I've come across.

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