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Psychology and Information and Across the World

Psychology and Information and Existence Across the World are neat phenomena which, when discussed, turn out to be very fun and educational.

In today's digital era, we are no longer surprised to see people acting alone in front of gadgets . This happens because so often we come across and see people surfing and enjoying themselves in the world that is in their own hands. Is this wrong?

Eiits ... haven't played before , just ask the wrong one , just a moment please. I can call this phenomenon "Pre-Modern Life", namely the transition from the era we usually call the "Old Generation" generation to the "Gen Z" generation, which sounds discriminatory but it is true.

Many people have started to open their minds to develop more advanced in order to be able to produce solutions and innovations in social to economic contexts. Now there are so many MSMEs with various variations and we often encounter brand names / brands on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Many of these business people make business decisions based on the information they capture and occur on the Internet.

Whereas the impact of Pre-Modern on the social side, people now tend to sympathize with sentimental things (Iba, pity, and want to help) which are far from their actions as humans who set their feet on earth because they are far more capable of seeing tragedies. visually from the 4 - 4.5 inch screen in their hands rather than seeing a much bigger and real picture in front of their eyes which is the world (reality).

From these two social and economic contexts it is clear that an interesting transition has occurred from various points of view, because it will be a much deeper analysis to determine the strategy for thinking and surviving in the future era, because from this experience we are all educated.

Then what will we discuss in depth on this blog / article? The topic of discussion is the Influence of Psychology and Information Technology on Society and Socio-Economic Life. JanSuuuuoog…

Information Technology

Information Technology (IT), or in English known as Information Technology (IT) is a general term for any technology that helps humans create, modify, store, communicate and / or disseminate information. -Wikipedia

Information technology really helps human civilization to be able to document work or events and then communicate it quickly through various technological mediums. There are 6 processes that occur between technology and information.

1. Capture

In theory, the meaning of capture or capture here can be interpreted as input. For example, receiving input from mic, keyboard , scanner , and others. However, in the context of this discussion, we must look at and analyze realistically what capture means in everyday life.

With human information technology it is easier to get something that was previously difficult to obtain, for example; buying things that we could only get when we were in the shop in person, now the opposite happens, these shops sometimes come in front of the 4 - 4.5 inch screen that we have.

This is proof that technology is so helpful for our daily lives, on the other hand technology also records all human activities carried out online in real time without the limitations of space and time which makes us sometimes forget and too cool to see various kinds of events in front of our eyes. .

The input or input stated above in the perspective of everyday life is the behavior of us humans when writing, recording, sharing information on the internet.

2. Processing

Processing Processing or processing input data received to become information. Processing and processing of data can be in the form of converting, analyzing, and calculating (calculation).

From the above understanding, whatever we have provided / input / distributed will be processed to be used as information so that it can be analyzed, converted, and calculated how much and for what the information will be used and by whom and how the results will then be distributed.

This stage will be very interesting if you are a creator or businessman who is indeed hunting for data to be used as an insight that can build an image on the market and determine the segmentation of the business you are running.

Have you understood it until this stage? Or are you still confused about the context and the correlation? Ok continue ...

3. Generating

Generating or producing or organizing information into useful forms or reports that can be understood by others. For example, reports, tables, charts, and pictures, whatever.

After the input and processing processes have been fulfilled, it's time to get the results of the process. Information that has been processed into knowledge will be used as a tool to support an action or decision. Of course this knowledge or insight will be very useful when it is on the good side or vice versa.

It's the same with the knife analogy we've probably heard of:

A knife will do well for chopping vegetables or peeling fruit, in good hands. But a knife will become a weapon to harm someone, in the hands of a bad person.

Of the 3 processes that occur between Technology and Information, you can imagine how interesting life will be in the future.

4. Storage

Storage or recording or storing data and information in a medium that can be used for other purposes. An example is saving to hard disk, flash disk, tape, and others.

Everything that has been previously explained from the first to the third process is then all stored neatly and carefully in the cloud which we call the internet. Events are stored and organized according to their categories and segmentations on shelves hanging above the clouds.

If you think that something we've shared on the internet has gone wrong and then we delete it, then the content is gone? The answer is absolutly NO!

5. Retrival

Retrival or browse and retrieve information or copy data and information already stored. For example, looking for sales data that has been previously stored.

Of course, at this stage, whatever we have saved, sometimes we want to take it back for certain purposes. This allows us to remember and learn about mistakes or omissions so that we can anticipate the future.

Now Youtube is trending about old uploaded videos that suddenly appear on the homepage. There was a video 3 years ago 5 years ago even. Why does this happen according to my friend? can you leave a comment?

6. Transmission

Transmission or sending data and information from one location to another via a computer network. For example, by sending sales data from one user to another.

This stage is the final stage that occurs between Technology and Information, after being picked up, processed, generated, stored, searched for and then shared.

From the speed of information we receive today, it turns out that there are 6 processes that have occurred and it is important to know so that we can wisely share data or information with the public, especially on the internet.


The internet and humans are closely related, especially in an era like this, the internet is used and utilized by almost all groups and all levels of society, from children to adults who know and use the internet.

Internet is someone's access to enter cyberspace where in cyberspace people are free to express themselves so often the internet is used by irresponsible parties as a means to gain profit by harming others.

The internet of course has positive and negative impacts on its users, the positive example is that children can be more creative in developing their talents in technology, get information easily and many other examples, as for the examples of negative impacts on the internet are very wide, on the internet there are many. Once pornographic sites can be accessed by anyone, these sites are very detrimental to someone, especially children, where the consequences will be very fatal for children's development because they can damage the morale of children and the nation. there are many more examples of the negative impact of this internet.

We, as internet users, should use this facility wisely so as not to be misused. And for parents to limit and supervise their children in interacting with the internet so that things that we do not want together do not happen.

Maybe we often observe what people do on the internet. I think the internet can influence a lot of human behavior, including lifestyle. The lifestyle of someone who is often spelled out on social media can cause friction between levels of society to cause social jealousy and even people often imitate someone's lifestyle which is sometimes beyond their own limits, here the internet is used as a means of showing off wealth, happiness, lifestyle etc. And this is written not on the basis of disappointment or jealousy towards someone's behavior on the internet, instead I love to see people have fun by buying and spending money on unnecessary things, especially until it becomes a trend (Sssstttt .... I'm a businessman. * JAHAD *).This indirectly affects a person's psychological, there is stress that can be caused by the internet.

On the internet someone can change three-hundred-sixty degrees from their original personality because on the internet someone is free to express and express themselves, it is not uncommon for us to find complaints, scolding, insults and even anger from someone on their social media, this shows the level of someone's need for the internet is getting higher, so we can use the internet as a reference to see a person as a whole. The internet draws the nearer apart but brings the distant one closer together. Try to pay attention today, someone prefers to interact with their smartphone rather than interacting directly with the people around them.

Here I will also give some examples of the impact of the internet on psychology that I have quoted from several sources, maybe it can clarify what is being conveyed on this blog / article and can be as our knowledge of the internet and psychology.

Can the internet be used as a tool for self-exploration?

This question is not without reason considering that many sites display various EQ and IQ tests. In addition, this virtual world technology provides many opportunities for individuals to express themselves uniquely . However, psychologists argue, if someone fails to integrate the true self (reality) with the self that is expressed differently on the internet, then this will be very dangerous for the personal growth of that person.

Considering the impact of the internet as a tool for self-exploration, psychologists see that it depends on the user's personality. Of course the internet will be useful if it can improve someone's life, and vice versa if it makes a mess of that person's life. Bad effects will occur if the internet is used as a means of isolating oneself. Many people do not realize that over time he closes himself to real social communication either because of surfing the internet or because the internet is used as an escape from problems related to his personality. This can happen because there are individuals who display different personalities online and offline.

The motivation behind it is different from one person to another. The problem will be complicated if the reason is because the individual is not satisfied / likes himself (perhaps because of insecurity, shame, or feeling unworthy), then creates and displays a personality that is completely different from his original self. Often times he prefers the personality of his new fantasies because it seems ideal to him. In fact, according to psychologists, this is neither true nor healthy. Why is that?

Michelle Weil , a psychologist and well-known book author, gives a concrete example of a girl who is shunned by her friends and then spends her time for a fun chat with a character that is very contradictory to the original character. As a result, over time he is getting farther away from the existing social reality, and even cannot accept himself as he is. According to well-known psychoanalysts such as Erich Fromm, this condition is called neurosis . The prolonged neurosis condition will cause serious mental disorders. Michelle further added, the latent danger is the formation of online personalities that are different from the original.

And in fact, this is actually facilitated by several platforms to be able to create several social media accounts . And in this case we cannot blame the facilitators because most of us also sometimes need it to distinguish business accounts from general accounts . Still, it is our responsibility as users to use the internet wisely.

Of course there is a positive effect of using (not addiction) the internet on a person's personality. Reid Steere, a Sociologist from Los Angeles said;

If a person uses the internet as a medium for self-exploration with full awareness, he will experience growth as a result of his full self-reflection through the internet. -Reid Steere


Whatever we are facing right now is a manifestation of the world transformation process that humanity may experience from time to time. From this paper, we can take a number of advantages and lessons from the impact of Psychology and Information Technology on Society and Socio-Economic Life. ( JanSuuuuoog) To be able to use wisely and protect ourselves from the evil that is happening across the world.

Intentionally in this paper I (the author) do not clearly tell what the benefits are for our business and our lives as everyday people, but in this article there are many lessons for us all.

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