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Founder of Betta Dev Indonesia - Software & Application Developer "The best moment in my life is.. when I encountered an error and I can fix it!"

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High School Degree


Back End Developer at Betta Dev Indonesia

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If you weren't a software developer, then what?

life in the jungle 🌲🌳🌲🌴πŸͺ΅πŸŒ±πŸŒΏπŸͺ¨πŸƒπŸŽ‹ alone with nothing!

CSS Logos: Instagram logo

OMG!!! 🀯

Pure HTML & CSS sunset scenery😍

The laws of gravity are different in CSS world. 🀣 But good...

CSS Logos: Instagram logo

Are you made this series in daily?! 🀯

CSS Logos: Instagram logo


I made an admin template for React based on the latest UI trends! Use it for free!

Your amazing Fredy!!!!!! πŸ”₯

Side Project Sunday! Share your progress.

Try to create GUI Dashboard for NoSQL database based on Flat ...

What is your favorite music when you are programming?

Why do I LOVE OpenSource?

I have used it but not to contribute for those NoSQL database...

I want to start contributing to OSS, what are your favorite projects YOU contribute to?

Join on our OSS Project SleekwareDB

Why do I LOVE OpenSource?

I love OSS so I create one. My OSS Project SleekwareDB

Can anyone suggest some interesting backend projects ??

Join on our OSS Project SleekwareDB

How can I join the open source community

Hi @wonuola_w i've create a Open Source project 2 weeks ago. ...

What is your favorite stack?

Street Programming with many unconventional method. I am Supe...

Docs for Everyone!

Your post is amazing! That what I am looking for... Thanks fo...

What developer products/tools should exist, but don't?


Pitch me on PHP

I have no idea... but I get a job, have a nice house and have...

Are you a Mac, Windows or Linux user?

Linux From my first computer in Primary School. I use Windows...

What Skills Makes a Great Software Engineer?

Neptunus Power

What do you do to stay motivated while learning ?

I think programming language is a literature and the way how ...

Programming: Hobby or Job?

My Hobby is Writing, My Job is Thinking. Programming is My La...

What jobs exist in IT?

Coz many client need us to being more then HUMAN πŸ€“

What jobs exist in IT?


Tell me you're web developer without telling me you're a web developer.

I am writer that orchestrated data with flow and climax and b...

RoadMap For Self-Taught Programmers

The real journey start 8 year ago... and process still runnin...

The Marie Kondo guide for the clean developer

Laugh will be sin! πŸ˜‚ this joke make me crying! Oh shit!

Why Linux Is Better For Programming πŸ€”

Since I was in elementary school, my mother told me to study ...

Why Linux Is Better For Programming πŸ€”

That's the true wonderful ironic

Why sanitizing input is crucial, and can save your business

Boom boom! Sound like firework... The input is metter

handle Forms without PageRefresh

It's funny when i read your post! But good job...

We made a website to easily share links between our devices.

Like the idea!

A Typewriter, but using a New HTML Tag

Am soo confused... ah fuck i am..

Building a Healthier Planet with Open Source Software

deep and dope!

Happy Birthday Linux!

Nice post dude... I love Linux too, I use Linux from my first...

I've joined Forem!

Welcome sister!

Don't Reject Something

Thank you for your comments, hopefully those who read can get...

How can i deliver the best in PHP to my clients without having full php skills

Ur welcome mate! Just sharing...

How can i deliver the best in PHP to my clients without having full php skills

That's what I did 7 years ago when the first time a client be...

Dealing With Binaries in Javascript

That's my first journey with binaries when I 15 years old, an...

Sublime Text 3 Setup

Nice to heard that... Wise decission

How to Fall In Love With Single Div Illustrations

It's crazy dude...

How I solved: Failed to fetch, 403 Forbidden

just add # (hashtag), example: deb repo-bla-bla change ...

How I solved: Failed to fetch, 403 Forbidden

DAMN! When I Googling... your article show on the top of the ...

Workspace Wednesday: Show me pics of your at-home setup


How much coffee do you drink?

Me not too much, just 7 cups/day

Day 1: Yeah, Just Change It up a a Bit So It Doesn’t Look Obvious

Don't forget to write your documentation or note for anything...

Day 1: Yeah, Just Change It up a a Bit So It Doesn’t Look Obvious

Keep it up @caitlineelliott I am Write a book and poetry s...

Day 0: Welcome To My Blog

I just remember how can I write code for the first time! In 8...

What are your worst habits as a developer?

Actually, as a human being, I need have to talk with other pe...

How To Create a API Wrapper in PHP to Fetch your Latest Posts

Thanks for sharing Good Article.

Do you prefer starting new projects or working on existing ones?

Both! Coz, I like reading code is written by another deve...

Intro to CSS Variables

Thanks, u just help me to understands CSS variable.

Typed Properties In PHP Are Neato

The Little Snippet but it very helpful! Thanks! ...

Dark theme for (almost) everything

it's the first comment in and i found this great art...