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Imam Ali Mustofa
Imam Ali Mustofa

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The earth is suddenly mute
humans are suddenly deaf
the city is now pseudo
the villages are now dead

They laugh while downing Vodka
fear, dependency, and money
What is it that weakens our minds and minds
suddenly stupid and quickly enter the rut?

Sometimes diction just pops up
transformed into "jokes" nickels that are not easy to laugh
circle several regions of the world with color
mark and disseminate information online without ink

Suddenly transformed the flowers that smoked the juice
by insects, they laugh and build the foundation of heaven
then laugh up there with a lot of mirage angels
what is happening now is just mere boasting?

It seems we know what happened
with lots of opinions and conspiracies

  • fed up, stuffed with a pandemic theory from a baby from immunization to vaccination

Controlled and measured for a data
analyzed and re-raised to the face to try

  • I mix Vodka with dew steam sauna a new virus named lazada multiply to be alibaba and evolve into neighbors


Intentional or not, this has begun to become bottled
This intentional or not has started to become poverty
intentional or not this has started to become a habit
intentional or not this has begun to become a suspicion

  • drink a spoonful of panadol smooth comic-swallow flu and cough, breathe smoothly
  • drink dettol with disinfectant!

Then slowly die
ostracized by stupidity and fear, TAI!

Don't ask me, when will this end?
the best question now is:


Earth, COVID-19, -7.550343, 110.195980
Imam Ali Mustofa - Call me Illusion!

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