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The night owl's guide to 6 am

darkphantom7750 profile image Rushan S J Updated on ・2 min read

So, you chose to be awake the whole night... It's not gonna be easy.

Step 1

Get some sleep before pulling an all-nighter. If you don't get enough sleep, you're gonna sleep before you know it. You need to give your brain enough rest.

Step 2

Ok... It's 11 pm. If you have an important job to do tomorrow then, you should probably goto sleep. Maybe you still want to stay awake?
You can trick your brain to stay awake but turning on the light and drinking lots of water. So now, you're basically a plant (maybe?). If you really tired but still don't wanna sleep, get some coffee.

Step 3

It's 1:00 am in the morning. You're soooooo tired that you can barely function. It's good idea to take a power nap for about 15 minutes. Just don't sleep for more that 30 minutes cuz you're probably gonna wake up at 11 am in the morning. This is you're final chance to sleep. If you goto sleep after 1:30, you will wake up pretty late and end up missing your office/school (I go to school).

Step 4

At 3 am in the morning you should get up from your bed and maybe do some jumping jacks and pushups. (Just don't make a lot of noise if you are illegally pulling an all-nighter. If you get busted, don't blame me 😂).

Step 5

It's 4 am and I am giving you an out-of-out (💯). Just don't close your eyes to imagine yourself doing heroic things or you will end up going to sleep. But most importantly Just stay A-W-A-K-E !.

Step 6

Now it's 6 am (See what I did here😁). Start doing something to keep you busy and get yourself a cup of coffee (Or maybe 3 ?? 😆)

Step 7

Yaaaaaaas, it's finally 7 in the morning. Brag to your friends that you stayed up the whole night😎. Just don't stay awake for more than 2 days in a row. (Believe me, I've tried it. Tis too dangerous).

You reached the end of this article. Well done !

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"Just stay awake the whole night" - inspired by me, written by me.

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sushantkd2019 profile image

This is brilliant. :D

darkphantom7750 profile image
Rushan S J Author

thanks a lot :D

milanlatinovic profile image
Milan Latinović

hahahahha :D soo cool...
You made my day with this article. How to say "just stay the f*uck awake" in a step-by-step guide :D