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Sounds like you were rude and shouldn't expect everyone to have your experience. You should be able to keep that comment to yourself if that's how you truly felt. Also this is a freelance gig you found through a FB ad so I'm not quite sure how "technical" you should assume anyone to be.


The person was a recruiter from a freelance group. They should at least be a little technical. And besides, the link was my name with the word resume on it and ended with a .pdf. The fact that she was asking for a resume in pdf, which was clearly stated on the s3 link I sent, was enough information that I sent what she needed.


Imo a hiring manager is not the same as a technical recruiter. And if the company that you're interviewing at makes them the same thing then there's a problem. Also have you looked at a "technical" recruiter application? I doubt there are any that say anything about being as technical as a developer. If they have experience with development why would they be a recruiter? Their job is to find the people whose keywords match their company's keywords and check to see if you have a pulse.

I understand that. The person hiring, whether a hiring manager or a technical recruiter, should at least know a thing or two about tech.

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