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This seems real useful! Interested in what kind of development you do so that Vim is your go to editor?


Hey Victor! At work we use VsCode (we also have IntelliJ), but I personally prefer Vim as my personal editor. Even at work, I use IntelliJ and VsCode's vim plugin because I can go near mouse-free.

As for my own personal setup - this is by no means comprehensive - but there are several must-have features that I need to make it my own personal IDE/editor. These are

  • neovim - "better" vim.
  • tmux - to manage multiple windows/ panes.
  • fzf - to quickly search file in project
  • Ag - to quickly search string in project
  • neotree - tree file explorer

You can check out my vim dotfiles here.

Some youtube vids I found helpful (I am not associated with any of these):



There's several vim plugins you can use that can turn vim into a near-IDE. So, if your comfort is vi (e.g., if you're like me and have been using vi - and derivatives - since the late 80s), you can have your proverbial cake and eat it too.

And, yes, some IDEs offer the ability to emulate vi/vim syntax, but, sometimes there's holes in those emulations (particularly if you're someone that uses macros and/or key-bindings).

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