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re: You’ll end up seeing node names like “ fargate-ip-.us-east-2.compute.internal”. I haven’t tried it out with different security groups other than ...

I'll definitely get back to you, but it could be a while before I try this :) . My experience has been on-prem OpenShift, but not doing much infrastructure. Currently, just got on to AWS-EKS, so learning the ropes there.

Coincidentally, just this morning, I was spec-ing out the EKS cluster, as a development cluster, and while estimating costs, it stuck me that we'd like to scale in and out quite a bit.

So, in that context Fargate seems like it would be cost-effective, while not requiring as much admin once we iron out the basics.

Do you notice any difference in deployment time, when spinning up a Pod using Fargate, compared to doing so on a node that's already in the cluster?

I haven’t seen too much of a difference. That’s taking into account that the image is already pulled and your cluster doesn’t have to download it from the internet.

Good luck!

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