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Also - if it's a case of other people looking down on you - that's often a self defence mechanism that hides their own lack of self-worth. They set themselves up as superior by diminishing everyone else. It's not sustainable for them, and isn't true about you. So brush it off.


Then there's the question of are people actually looking down on you?

Imposter syndrome's a bitch. It likes to make us think others think less of us because we don't know everything about everything, and yet we all have that same insecurity. Maybe not all of the time, but we've all dealt with it. We've all felt like we're "less-than" or whatever, because we don't know something someone else does.

This field is massive and growing every day. You're not going to know everything about everything. You're not even going to know everything about your little niche. There will always be someone who knows stuff you don't.

And you know what? You also know things other people don't know.

Embrace what you know and share it. Learn the relevant stuff you don't know but need to know. Outsource the rest. Fill your niche, let others fill theirs.

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