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re: Thankyou Sir for this article on our stubborn mindset, Please give some ideas how to change the mindset while solving the coding problems if one id...

What sort of difficult mindset do you experience? Frustration? Anger? Not feeling able to solve the problem?

Often I find it useful to substitute words in my thinking. For example, if I am thinking "I can't fix this..." I turn it into "I can't fix this... yet".

Also the mindset of having to fail a number of times before you succeed - it's OK when things don't work, because it obviously wasn't the right answer! So you've learned something in this case, it's not a waste of time...

Let me know more specifically what you struggle with!


In some tough questions,I misinterpret the logic so after trying the most I see the solution and I feel down that it couldn't cracked by me so I didn't practicecoding after 1-3 days which makes me question that how can I achieve the logic?
Please suggest me Sir how can I work towards it.
How to build complicated logics?

The biggest shift in mindset is to be kind to yourself. You are learning! Of course you don't know anything. Of course you will look back and think - oh, I should have seen that. But these moments are part of the process. So don't give yourself a hard time for not understanding. In a year's time, or even a few months, you'll remember this moment and be able to apply the same logic, and then you will be proud of yourself.

You build complex logic out of lots of simple pieces of logic wired together, break it down, be patient and be kind with yourself! And don't be afraid to ask for help :)

Thankyou Sir I will remember your words while practicing coding

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