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Dany Paredes
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How to setup prettier for WebStorm ?

Prettier is amazing code formatter and help to don't be worried about your own code style.

Prettier allow us to define a set of formatter rules but we can write our code as wherever we want but when you save the formatter apply these rules.

A good news is that Prettier it works like a charm with vscode but for WebStorm need some extra clicks.

These are my steps for work with prettier with webstorm.

1- Be sure you have prettier in your project or install it globally.

npm install -g prettier
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2- Go to File | Settings | Languages & Frameworks | JavaScript | Prettier
and check options.

[✅] On code reformat.
✅] On save.

Sass and SCSS

Thanks @dinaelurdaneta we can use prettier with sass or scss files using stylelint and extra setup for prettier.

1- Install stylelint local or globally.

npm install -g stylelint
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2- Add scss and sass extension into Run for file glob pattern.

include sass extension for prettier support

Enjoy Prettier!

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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